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Our Staff

Tigran Sahakyan


Tigran Sahakyan, a New York and New Jersey licensed title agent, has been involved in all aspects of title insurance and closing since 2004. He handles Company's important reading, underwriting, closing and recording aspects, among other things. He is a dedicated, motivated, and experienced individual who responds to client demands with expertise and promptness. Tigran resolves large and complex title issues, both residential and commercial.

Tigran is well-known to provide accuracy and efficiency in everything that he does. He provides guidance in title insurance and closing matters to attorneys, closers and other companies. 

Julia Baumblit

Vice President

Julia Baumblit is the Vice President of New York Operations for Big Apple Title Agency, Inc. In her capacity, she oversees a qualified team that handles every detail of transactions from title reading, clearance issues, closings and recordings. Julia endeavors to ensure that clients receive highly personalized and unconditional commitment to giving the highest level of service. With a decade of real estate experience handling thousands of both residential and commercial transactions, Julia Baumblit is regarded as an expert in the industry.

Tatiana Miller

Post - Closing Department

Tatiana Miller joined Big Apple Title Agency in 2015. She holds a Master Degree in Journalism, and linked to it English and French Translator Degrees in Sphere of Professional Practices. In 2016 she successfully completed a course of study in real estate subjects approved by the Secretary Of State of New York in New York Real Estate Institute. Tatiana is a Certified Title Closer and Notary Public. Her wide range of responsibilities include: processing new orders, reading and providing title reports, as well as preparing and delivering property reports and name runs, violations, judgements and liens searches, municipalities. Tatiana Miller is a responsible, dedicative and hardworking person who completely fulfills the requirements of her position and continues her professional growth in title industry.  

Almast Braunzbourg

Clearance Officer

Almast Braunzbourg is a clearance officer at Big Apple Title Agency Inc. Her desire to professionally grow is obvious day by day. She is a responsible and diligent person and has great organizational skills. She successfully handles clearance issues, provides the clients with title bills and kindly gives a quick response to every single client’s questions and requests. Almast is also the head of the Post-closing Department. She believes that good quality service is an important factor in meeting client’s needs. Almast works with FDIC, Banking Departments tracking down satisfactions of ancient mortgages.

Almast has a Ph.D. and prior to her employment at Evident she worked as a university professor for many years. 

Armen Baloyan

Vice President

Armen is holding a masters degree in industrial & organizational psychology from the City University of New York. He has brought a new approach to organizational design and development to the Company. With a broad business knowledge, Armen is focused on client acquisitions, furthering Company's presence in the industry. 

Evangelos N. Karoutsos, Esq.

Compliance Officer

Evangelos N. Karoutsos, Esq. handles company compliance and is an attorney in private practice since 2004. Evangelos received his B.A. from Fordham University and his J.D. from New York Law School and is admitted in New York and Conecticut. He is a native New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, and holds active leadership position within the Greek community. 

Armen Sahakyan

Survey Department

Armen manages the Survey Department at Big Apple Title Agency. Armen is a reliable, diligent and a responsible employee devoted to fulfilling his job duties promptly. He goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients are pleased and satisfied with our services. Armen’s day-to-day tasks include but are not limited to placing and processing new survey orders, survey readings and survey inspections. Armen is ambitious to further his potential in the title industry while providing excellent services to all our clients. He is currently a full-time student at St. John’s University majoring in Political Science. Armen is also passionate about chess and holds the title of NYS Chess Champion in U1600 division.

Aram Sahakyan

Co-op Department

Aram Sahakyan supervises the Coop Department at Big Apple Title Agency. Alongside work, Aram culturally enriches the office with his taste and ability in performing classical music and is enrolling into  competitive colleges as a music major. In terms of office matters, he processes new lien searches, runs searches, generates coop search reports and much more. Aram is a hard-working employee who is devoted and committed to advancing in the title industry. He is a responsible and an attentive worker who completes all his duties professionally, thoroughly and in a timely-manner. Aram Sahakyan is an excellent and a valuable asset to our Big Apple Team.

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